My why.

I’m beginning my ninth year of classical liberal arts charter school athletics.


Two foci: micro and macro.

Micro is my students. My single greatest motivating factor is changing my students’ lives for the better, and I believe that athletics provides a fundamentally unique and effective platform to do so. Belief is an understatement; I see my life to this point as a testimony to the transformative power of athletics. On a broader level, although I work best with smaller groups, I recognize I have the knowledge, experience, and leadership to guide larger groups. As a result, I feel both desire and responsibility to help provide quality athletic opportunities and experiences to students beyond my immediate “team”. This explains my passion for coaching, teaching, and athletic directing.

Macro is the world. Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote “Beauty will save the world”, but if the world is to be saved, we have to fix education first. I don’t know the best way to fix education, but I know giving students an accessible school choice where they are taught about Beauty is a step in the right direction. The liberal arts keeps humanity grounded yet also inspires Excellence, and athletics is an oft-overlooked aspect of liberal arts and the good life. Despite being immersed in classical charter education for the greater part of a decade, I have only met a handful of people who are just as passionate about athletics as they are academics. If I can play a role in helping classical charter schools succeed by focusing on developing quality athletics, my life doesn’t just have purpose, it has leveraged purpose.

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