This is more of a journal entry, a bookmark, than anything else. Last year I had the best group of students that I will ever teach in a single section. I'm comfortable saying that, although I also dismiss people who make blanket statements like "high school/college (x chapter) is the best time of your life."... Continue Reading →

The rules of the game

The rules of the game matter, because people respond to incentives. This lesson is a breeze to teach in Economics class, but it's essential to survival as a P.E. teacher. All teachers have to learn how to adapt on the fly, but the physical aspect of P.E. gives it a sense of urgency. Games can... Continue Reading →

Interference and reflection

As a coach and an economics teacher, I consistently run into the same dilemma. From the physical education side, I deeply believe having a healthy approach to physical activity, especially when experienced as part of a team, can change anyone's life for the better. Not only have I seen it over and over again, but... Continue Reading →

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