Interference and reflection

As a coach and an economics teacher, I consistently run into the same dilemma. From the physical education side, I deeply believe having a healthy approach to physical activity, especially when experienced as part of a team, can change anyone's life for the better. Not only have I seen it over and over again, but... Continue Reading →

FIFA World Cup 2019

When I realized I was going to be able to attend the FIFA Women's World Cup in France this year, I was excited for several reasons. One of them was the opportunity to compare atmospheres between this World Cup and the men's in Brazil in 2014. One some level, that is why I enjoy traveling.... Continue Reading →

Come on, Lionesses?

Today, the USWNT plays The Lionesses of England. In Leander, Texas, the local public high school girls soccer team is the Lady Lions. When I first started my job starting a school's athletic department, a few miles from the Lady Lions home base, I was a part of lots of fun conversations. Many times, these... Continue Reading →

Why you should try track & field

Alternate titles for this post include "Benefits of sports without a ball that you don't get from sports with a ball", or "What you can gain by being weighed and measured, objectively". One of my students just started high school track for the first time. She is an outstanding volleyball and basketball player, but hasn't... Continue Reading →

How to approach competition

What is the first step on the road to mental toughness? To being capable of competitive greatness? Competition is a broad topic. It doesn't have to be relegated to physical activity or zero-sum games. The mainstream notion of a competitive person is someone who flips the board when they lose at Monopoly or injures small... Continue Reading →

Losing my cool

I don't yell much during games. In fact, sometimes I have to artificially generate indignation toward referees. Mainly, that happens when I think the other coach is influencing the officials and I need to counteract it, or when the officials miss such an obvious call I just have to highlight it so they are more... Continue Reading →

Compulsive strategist

I coach nearly year round. I host (at least) weekly pick-up basketball games at school and a game night at my house. I teach multiple P.E. classes every day, where, even if I'm not "coaching", I'm evaluating strategies in every possible situation. Even in normal day-to-day life, I turn everything imaginable into a competition. Like,... Continue Reading →

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